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Onlays and Crowns

Composite fillings are suitable in many situations and can be constructed directly in the patients mouth. However should there be insufficient tooth structure remaining following the removal of decay and an old filling, a porcelain onlay manufactured in the laboratory can be fitted using a process of dental bonding. 

Teeth with large fillings can often fracture due to the compromised tooth structure remaining. Onlays can also be used to prevent this from happening or restore teeth that have fractured. 

Onlays are bonded to the tooth, which means they preserve tooth structure, improve the strength of the tooth and reduce the risk of tooth fracture.

In cases where a tooth already has a failing full coverage crown or where necessary a full coverage crown can be manufactured in the lab and fitted using a similar dental bonding process. 


Bridges replace missing teeth using the surrounding tooth as an abutment. In many cases no tooth preparation is required. 


If you are missing one or more natural teeth it may diminish your chewing ability, increase stress on remaining teeth and cause adjacent teeth to drift. 


Once permanently bonded in your mouth, bridgework can look, feel and function the same as your natural teeth, giving you years of function and aesthetics.



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